Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keriann's Shower

Last weekend was a Keriann wedding weekend.  We drove to Iowa Friday, got stuff ready for the festivities Friday afternoon, went to Baxter Fun Days Friday night, Saturday was the shower and bachelorette parties, then drove home Sunday.  Miles and T.J. stayed home since it was such a quick trip.  Here are some pictures from the shower.

Playing Jeopardy.
Our cousins brought their babies too!

I thought I would share the categories and questions I used for the Jeopardy game.  I didn't take a very good picture of the board up close.  I just used a piece of foam board, cut little strips of paper taped to the top of the board for the categories, then did rectangle pieces of paper with 100, 200, etc. on the front and the question and answer on the back.  I just rolled a piece of tape to stick the paper to the board.  We went around the room and took turns, that way everyone got a turn.  So if the person whose turn it was got it wrong, it just went to the next person until someone got it right.  But the turn went back tot he next person after the original guesser.  Clear as mud?  When I asked the question, I removed the tape.  Whoever answered the question right, I handed them the paper to keep track of how many points they had.  I also did two Double Jeopardy questions.  Oh, and I told the guests to answer like Jeopardy -- who is or what is, etc.

Here are the categories and questions:

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

General Wedding
100 - Name the missing words, "Going to the chapel and we're..."  (Gonna get married)
200 - Name the most used Bible scripture at weddings (1 Corinthians 13)
300 - Name the movie that stars Rashida Jones & Kristen Wiig.  (What is Bridesmaids)
400 - Name the wedding item with the highest price tag (Food/catering)
500 - Name the actress in The Wedding Singer who recently got married (Drew Barrymore)
100 - Name where the bride went to college.
200 - Name the bride's favorite hobby.
300 - Name the bride's first kiss.
400 - Name the bride's favorite food.
500 - Name how many siblings the bride has.
Future Plans
100 - Give the number of babies we can expect.
200 - Name the kind of pet the bride and groom would like to have.
300 - Name the lake the couple will be at for their honeymoon.
400 - Name the length of time before the couple will try to have kids.
500 - Name the bride and groom's dream home.
Wedding Details
100 - Name the town the wedding and reception will be located.
200 - Name the wedding colors.
300 - Name how many people are standing up with the bride and groom.
400 - Name the two main desserts that will be at the wedding.
500 - Name within 20 how many people were invited.
100 - Name the groom's first kiss.
200 - Name where the groom went to college.
300 - Name how many siblings the groom has.
400 - Name the groom's favorite hobby.
500 - Name the groom's favorite NFL and college teams.
Bride & Groom
100 - Name the country the bride and groom are going next winter.
200 - Name the kind of pet the bride and groom have now.
300 - Name the thing the bride and groom do most together.
400 - Name the couple's song.
500 - Name the grade they were in when they met.

Of course you would tweak this to fit your shower, but I thought I would share.  Have fun and happy bridal showering:)

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