Monday, July 23, 2012

Mommy & Miles Zoo Day!

On Friday T.J. and Tom went to Louisville to see Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger Museum.  So while they were out sightseeing, Miles and I took in the zoo.  It was a great day to go too!  It was drizzling and cool in the morning.  And just by the time it was warming up, we were ready to go.  I sure do love having the pass to the zoo!  We've definitely gotten our money out of it!

Here are Miles and I at the dog show.
Checking out the flamingos.
Riding the carousel -- a must for Miles!  We walked in and he said, "MONKEY!"  So that's the one he rode, then kept saying, "Monkey up and down.  Up and down."  Then he would name all the other animals around us.
Squeezing in to see the rhinos.
It was the baby elephant's first birthday, so we had to wish her a happy birthday:)

There were a couple dolphins recently born, so the dolphin show isn't going on right now.  Miles LOVES the dolphins and talks about the show a lot.  So we had to go down to check them out.

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