Monday, July 16, 2012

Scenic Sunday Drive

We decided to get out and go for a drive Sunday after Miles got up from his nap.  Little did we know how far we would have to travel to see some cows.  We're not in Iowa anymore, T.J. :)  

Our first stop was to see a couple horses that were right up by the side of the road.  They were stomping their feet and making T.J. nervous, though, so we didn't stay long.

We finally found some cows, and so we stopped to see them.  Much to our surprise, there were donkeys in with a couple cows.  Miles LOVED the donkeys!  On his Raffi movie he sings about Tingalayo, a donkey.
After that we jumped in our car, satisfied that we had at least seen some cows since that's what we promised Miles.  We drove a little farther and found this pasture with lots of mama and calves.  Miles loved looking at them and would give a random moo to them.  They were silent cows, so I think Miles was confused as to what all the mooing was for.  Maybe at the fair we can see some cows that moo!

After a nice Sunday drive, nothing tastes as good as ice cream does right before dinner.  What a lucky little boy!!
Playing peek-a-boo on the way home.  He was being so funny I just had to snap a picture.  He was so mad at me for taking this one too.  After I did, he had to see it.  Then the next peek-a-boo I could see him peeking out his fingers to make sure I wasn't taking another one.  Mr. Camera Shy!

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