Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grant's Farm

Friday morning we made a pit stop at Grant's Farm to break up the trip.  Waiting in line for the tram thing was a bit challenging.  But after he was let loose, he ran through the whole place!

Here he is by the sign.

Miles & I with a giant Clydesdale butt:)

Grant's Farm is home to the Budweiser Clydesdales.
You ride the tram through 160 plus acres where they have free-range animals.
Some things were far, some were kind of near, some were real close and personal.  Like this buffalo.  Hello, sir!
Another buffalo.
As soon as we got off the tram, Miles said, "Ride the bunny!"  Then he said it over and over and over.  So we bought a ticket for him to ride, and got lucky to be the first on our group to go pick what he rode.  Since there was one bunny and the rest were horses, he was a pretty lucky and happy little boy!

With the ride pass we got a package thing that had a snow cone and some milk for the goats.
This didn't start off too well.  Those goats know what's in those bottles, and they want it NOW!
Please excuse the boob shots.  I was too busy trying to keep the goats off of Miles, and stop that turd from eating my skirt.
This is where it starts to go south.  The goats were really aggressive, and it scared Miles.
Then the milk was gone, goats weren't interested, and then Miles chased and pet goats to his heart's content.

Giant old turtles.

Petting a parrot.

Bald eagles.
Mr. Camel.

That was Grant's Farm.  It was lots of running and fresh air and fun!  We had lunch there then hit the road for Springfield.  Even after all that, Miles fought off his nap in the car, of course!  We made it to Springfield without incident, and just after Ari and Ezra's naps.  So everybody got busy playing!

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