Saturday, August 18, 2012

Indiana State Fair Take 2

Tuesday evening we went to $2 night at the fair.  It was $2 to get in, and they had certain food vendors selling food for $2.  We got a lemonade, pretzel, corn on the cob, ice cream cone, and a slice of pizza and shared them all.  That's the only way to eat at the fair!  Otherwise you'd get too full!  We were going to top it all off with a corn dog, but the booth on the way out was sold out.  Oh, well!  Next year!

Miles rolling cool-guy style with his arm up!

Checking out the giant Smokey Bear.

They had this cute thing set up for kids.  They get to wear an apron and carry the basket.
You go around and pick up different foods and gather them in your basket.
They gave out hats too!

"Oh, an egg!"

At the end you sell all your stuff at the market and they give you a dollar to spend at the grocery store.  Then you go pick out a snack with your dollar.  Miles had a granola bar.  It was so cute and he loved it!

Then on the way out we had to check out the rides and all the lights.  They're watching the big tall one, right before it dropped.

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