Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tri for a Family

Last weekend Keriann and I did the Tri for a Family Sprint Triathlon.  They both did a great job and I'm so proud of them!  This was T.J.'s first time doing any kind of a race.  He's never done a 5K or anything, so this was a pretty big undertaking for him.  He was nervous about the swim and would tell you it was the worst part, but he did it!  The bike went well, except for a water bottle that jumped ship early on, so he didn't have water.  That really was a bummer.  Then he ran the whole 5K without walking!
Here he is jumping in.
His first swim by us.
Getting out of the pool.
Keriann heading out on her bike.
T.J. getting ready to bike.
Start of the run T.J.
Start of the run Keriann.
They ran together for a little while.
Then Keriann passed him and finished about a minute ahead.
Way to go, Keriann & T.J.!!

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