Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 1 Afternoon in Chicago -- Iowa Game

It was drizzling, but we were ready to leave Shedd Aquarium, so we headed over to Soldier Field to see what was going on.  There was lots of tailgating going on.
Miles was taking it all in.  He was very quiet and a little reserved.  I'm not sure if he was tired or just worried about seeing adults behaving so strange.
We got there plenty early.  Some of the first to our seats:)
Miles loved watching all the people on the field, the mascots, the crowd, the cheerleaders, the band, etc.  You name it, he watched it.

Scary clouds.  It never did rain on us.  I put my poncho on once, but it was done raining in 10 seconds, so back off it came.

All that people watching and fresh air wore our future Hawkeye out!
Miles did so good at the game.  He didn't have one outburst or anything.  He slept from about the middle of the first quarter to right before halftime. I couldn't believe he fell asleep!  He had had a big day driving to Chicago and staying up late to go swimming the night before, then Shedd Aquarium all morning, so I guess I shouldn't be shocked.  But the kid never sleeps unless he is in his bed -- or so I thought!

All the Hawkeyes leaving the stadium!  There was an awful lot of black and gold, and not so much red.

Kisses and nose grabs.  He has a serious thing for noses and ears.
Where we had dinner Saturday night.  T.J. and I got a deep dish pizza, and it was delicious!  Their sauce had a little kick to it, which is always winning in my book.
More sleepy baby on the walk back to the hotel.  What a big day we had!

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