Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 2 Morning in Chicago -- Lincoln Park Zoo

I had heard from an attorney that I worked with about a few things to do while in Chicago.  One thing he suggested was the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Knowing how much Miles LOVES animals, I knew this would be a big hit for him.  And it's free, so it was a big hit for all of us!

We rode the subway as close as we could get, then walked about a mile to the park.  The first thing we saw was a farm animal section.  Miles (really, I) got to feed a cow, which was gross because their tongues are loooooong!

We saw some baby chicks hatching.
Derrick and Miles got to check out the tractor.
Checking in on more cows and goats.
Looking back at the city from the park.
A zebra and her baby.
There were a couple gorillas there.  They kept banging on the door, and looked pretty ticked about something.  They are some mean looking monkeys!

We did a go pass thing and bought something for the zoo even though it was free.  Well, we each bought a carousel ride and a train ride.  It worked out that Miles got to ride the carousel three times and ride the train two times with all our tickets.  Lucky little guy!

If you are visiting Chicago, I would definitely recommend this zoo.  It was so big and nice, so it never felt crowded.  There was a huge variety of animals, and we definitely could have spent more time here if we had more time to spend.

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