Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's that?!!

Miles favorite thing to say right now is "What's that?"  The way he says it cracks us up.  Every time!  We were finally able to get a little video of him in action.  

Other favorite lines of his right now are "That's better."  With a strong and very high note on "that's."  And then his "I did it."  With a strong staccato on each word and a very high pitched "I."  We will have to work on getting those on video.  Too stinking cute!!

He's asking about fish and says how they are flying in the water.  Then I lose it at the end.  Funny stuff!
On a side note, notice the Yankees jersey?  It's the one from Miles' Great Uncle Tom.  I blogged about when he first got it here.  He was only five months old in that picture.  The jersey is a size 18 months.  And it still fits him today.  How is that for getting your money's worth?!?!  
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