Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving FALL!

Last week was another crazy week of working for me!  On Friday I was itching to get out and do some shopping, so we headed to Target.  I got a new blue purse.  It's different than what I normally get, so that's fun.  It's clean and not falling apart, which is just what I needed:)
After that we headed to the apple orchard in Danville.  It was about closing time, so not much going on.  But we walked around, bought a bag of apples and a little pumpkin for Miles.  He was more interested in picking up their rocks and throwing them than anything else.
We were walking to find the pumpkin patch, and T.J. and Miles were doing a little running.  This video cracks me up.  When T.J. runs away, Miles is like, wait a minute, DAD!!

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