Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you get there before I do...

A family that lived in Baxter, Iowa, the town I grew up in, had their lives tragically altered when their teenage daughter was in a car accident.  We were living in Kansas City at the time, and I didn't know the family at all.  After Kjrsten's death, her family started having a Bible study youth group at their home.  My sister went and during that time accepted Christ into her life.  This is a book that's filled with loss, sadness, hope, forgiveness, love, community, and so much more.  I read it in one sitting, and was a blubbering mess.  But there is so much hope in it too.  I hope you don't turn away from it because it might be depressing or hard to read.  It's actually the opposite.  I couldn't put it down, and was filled with hope!  "If you get there before I do..." should be on your reading list!  I'm so glad it was on mine.
Sunday morning we were early on the way to church, which doesn't happen too often, people!  So we stopped out at the property that the church bought and had a chance to pray over it.
Just some snuggling going on.  My favorite thing!

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