Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Boy did we have a fun Christmas!  Miles totally cashed in, being the only child and all.  T.J. and I got a few things, but nothing big.  Here is everything all set up before going to bed Christmas Eve.
Miles loved his Santa presents.  He got a roller coaster, train table, and shopping cart.  He played with each one about 20 minutes before switching to the other.  Getting him to open any other gifts was a challenge.  He only wanted to play with these three things.  Can you blame him?

He loved all his food and "shopping" for it.  He made us dump the cart, then he picks up things, counting and matching them, while putting them back in the cart.  There was also some pretend eating going on, which is really putting the food in his mouth.
He loves his recorder!
The Play-Doh kit was a big hit too!
Oh, and he got a Hot Wheels track.  It's really for T.J., but he likes to pretend it was for Miles:)
We had such a great time celebrating Christmas with Miles.  What a joy it is to see the fun and magic of Christmastime through his eyes!  Next year will be even more fun, since he'll get more of it.  We weren't the best about being Santa and all.  I'm going to have to sharpen my game a bit!

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