Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Day!

Saturday was wedding day!  It was so fun to get all dolled up!  Here are all the bridesmaids after our hair and makeup was done.

Keriann getting her eyelashes on.
Checking them.  I love this one!
Having some lunch.
My hairdo.
Keriann's hairdo.  She has so much hair!
It's time!
Miles & his Tee Tee.
The bus ride after the wedding.

Speech time.  I was so nervous!
Miles had plenty of people to watch him.  He did so good all weekend with the festivities.  He even cooperated for pictures, which I was quite shocked by.  He just kept saying, "CHEESE!"  Which is funny because he runs the other way when he sees me with a camera.
Our family.
We got a lot of use out of our sunglasses:)

Courtney and I doing the cupcake smash.  We just get all like this at weddings!

The Fullers & The McCords
This one cracks me up!!
End of the night.  Awesome wedding!  Everything was so pretty, delicious, and FUN!!
The next morning there was a little gift opening party.

Steph said this was the best gift she got:)

We are home now, recovering from late nights, early mornings, and busy days!  We had so much fun celebrating with Keriann & Derrick and are going to miss them this week while they are on their honeymoon for a couple days then hanging out before another wedding this coming weekend.  

We had a rough drive to Iowa and an even rougher drive back to Indiana.  I thought for sure Miles would sleep on the way back after the long weekend he had, but no such luck.  We're going to Springfield in a few weeks, and I need some tips on how to get through 7 hours in a car with a toddler.  He does good for about 5 hours, then is crying for the last 2.  It's exhausting and stressful!!

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Decorating and Rehearsal Dinner

Friday was decorating, rehearsal, and dinner.  It was fun to see the reception hall transform.  It really looked great!  I didn't do very well at snapping pics afterwards, but you can see some in the background of the wedding pictures I will post later.  So here are some action shots.

Then we did a quick change and headed to the church for our practice.
Quinn loved the stairs and was so cute playing on them!

The bride and groom.
Jessie made this groom's cake for the rehearsal dinner.  She is amazing!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Iowa Weekend

Well, I have had quite a blogging hiatus.  We headed back to Iowa for Keriann & Derrick's wedding in the middle of last week.  It's been pretty crazy and non-stop action.  Miles and Nolan got a little picnic in, though, which was awesome!!  I had so much fun chatting with Courtney, and Nolan and Miles played so well together!  I can't wait to get them together again soon.

Miles loved feeding the ducks!
He's surrounded!

And high fives!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cape in Action

Jess sent me a picture of Dylan with his cape on.  I LOVE that he wears it!  Maybe he can talk to Miles next time we get together about wearing his!

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Wordless Wednesday

Face down on both bears.  I had to check for breathing...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Indy Bachelorette Party!

Some girls from work wanted to throw Keriann a bachelorette party in Indy since her other one was in Iowa.  It was a fun night out!  I'm not used to staying out so late!  I slept a lot on Sunday recovering!
Here we are just before leaving.

I had messaged her other bridesmaids and told them about the second bachelorette party.  They drove over Saturday without her knowing or even suspecting!  Then they were at the bar that we started the night at!  She was sooo surprised!
My first drink had a Popsicle in it.  Yummy!
We all had glow stick bracelets and flowers in our hair.  The first shot of the night.  Cheers to the bride!!

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