Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Writing Miles and Baxter

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Toddler Bed

This weekend T.J. and I spent most of our time getting ready for our garage sale.  We sorted, priced, etc.  It was a hot mess around here!  But while doing that we moved all the furniture, mopped under it, and the house is so clean!  While moving Miles' bed and mopping, we decided to make it into a toddler bed.
He was staying over at Keriann and Derrick's, so the first time he slept in it was his nap on Sunday.  He did great!  I'm not sure if he fell out or jumped when he woke up because there was a loud boom, but he didn't cry or anything.
Then Sunday night he didn't sleep too well at all.  He went to bed okay, but fell out around 2:45 a.m.  He was scared to go back to sleep in his bed.  He would be asleep but then wake up right away.  So he ended up coming to bed with me after the clock struck 4:00 a.m.  I was just sitting by the opening on his bed, and was over it!  T.J. left for work around 5:30 a.m., and that's the last thing I remember.  So Miles slept with me from then until about 8:30.  It was a rough night!  I sure don't miss the sleepless nights!!

We put this nice little gate thing up on Monday so he couldn't fall out of bed. For his nap he was so scared to get in bed.  We put him down, left the room, and he flipped out of bed.  We actually watched it on the monitor.  It was scary!  Then we ran upstairs.  He was fine.  T.J. rocked him back to sleep as I was just on my way out the door to a job.  So then he napped fine.  That night we put him to sleep easy, like normal.  The next morning I had to wake him up so he could go to the zoo with daddy.  When I woke him up, the first thing he said was, "Cool bed!"
I have moved the blue thing all the way one was since I took this picture.  So I'm thinking about taking one of the wood rail things off so he could still get in and out of bed.  I'm thinking potty training!  Then before we know it, it will be time to look for a big boy bed!  He is already almost the length of his mattress.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicken Enchiladas with White Sauce

Roger made this for us while we were at their house.  It was super yummy.  I know he used some pepper jack cheese, which added a little spice to it.  I'm not sure what he substituted it for.  It was good, though, and I would definitely recommend it!  Let me know if you try it and what you think!

2 whole chicken breast, cooked and shredded
1 lb. Monterrey jack cheese grated
1 (3 oz.) can (mild) chopped green chilies
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 pt. sour cream
1/2 lb. Cheddar cheese, grated
1 dozen flour tortillas

Toss together chicken, jack cheese, and chilies.  Mix together soup and sour cream.  Put about 1/4 cup chicken filling in center of tortilla.  Add 1 tablespoon soup mixture.  Fold sides in, then roll.  Place, seam down, in oblong baking dish.  Repeat with each tortilla.  Spread the remainder of soup over all.  Top with Cheddar cheese .  Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

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Wordless Wednesday -- Zoo Animals

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yummy Guacamole

This is some yummy guacamole from Wal-Mart!  If you haven't tried it, you probably should!  It's delicious!

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It's official!  I got my certificate in the mail a little while ago and kind of forgot about it.  While moving stuff out of the office area, I came across it.  So I thought I would share!  Yay for passing the RPR!!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bean Bags

Miles has been playing lots more with his bean bags now that he's learning the alphabet.  He loves throwing them into the basketball hoop or the bin that we store them in.

I am working on making some sets of these to sell.  Also, hopefully in the next month or two I will open an Etsy shop too!  Stay tuned for more details!
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Fixing the John

Our upstairs toilet has been leaking water down into the bowl.  I talked to Dad about it when he and Carmen stopped by.  He told me what needed to be replaced.  But that was a while ago, and we have just been holding off for fear of doing it, I think.  Recently T.J. has been doing his research on YouTube about how to change out the toilet valve.  He started it, I had to help just a little, mostly reading directions, and we got it done.  We fixed the leak and everything!  Wahoo, team McCord!  We are DIY fools these days:)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


If you want to hear my awesome rap, go here.  T.J. got a new app, so I tried my best to lay down some rhymes.  He made me say peace at the end too, just so you know.  If you want to hear his, go here.  He got a little turned around with Sock in Fox.  Ha!  We were dying laughing when we did these.  :)
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Cheeseburger Pie

Keriann told me I had to try this, so I did!  I have to be honest, I loved it!  T.J., on the other hand, thought there was too much pickle and mustard flavor.  He's usually not the picky one around here, but he just didn't love it.  So I guess I will be making this for me when he's having meatloaf or pork chops and rice:)

You can find the pin here.  Or click here to go to page where I got the recipe.  Go there to see pictures too.  You know I can't take any good looking food pictures!  So if you decide to give it a shot, let me know what you think!

Cheeseburger Pie

1 can crescent rolls
1 lb. ground beef
1 tsp. onion powder
1/3 c. chopped dill pickle slices
2 T. ketchup
1 tsp. mustard
2 T. flour
2 T. dill pickle juice
2 T. milk
2 c. shredded American cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Unroll crescent rolls and press into the bottom and up the sides of an 8-inch pie pan.  Cook ground beef in a skillet until browned.  Drain well.  Stir in onion powder, chopped pickle, ketchup, and mustard.  Sprinkle with flour and add pickle juice and milk.  Cook and stir until thickened and bubbly.  Remove from heat and add 1 cup of shredded cheese.  Pour into the prepared crust and bake for 15 minutes, or until edges of crust are golden brown.  Remove from oven and top with remanining cup of cheese.  Let stand until cheese melts.  Garnish with extra ketchup, mustard, and pickle slices.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Carpet

On Monday T.J. installed some new carpet in our basement family room/office.  The old stuff was stained and gross.  I would love to have put down some wood flooring, but T.J. knows how to do carpet, so carpet it is.  
Moving the last of the furniture and stuff out.
Here he is tearing out the old stuff.
Tearing up the old pad.  There was old tile floor underneath.
Cutting in the new pad.
Getting the carpet all laid out.
Getting there.
A couple walls in, time to stretch it in.

It was about this time that I had to go and take a job, so I wasn't there to snap pictures and give T.J. moral support.  He sent me this picture while I was at my job.  All done!

It's so nice to have some nice, new, clean carpet!

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Church Springfield Style

We went to church with the Wassons Sunday morning before heading home.  Check out these digs!  It was like a rock concert.  It was fun to go to a different church to worship!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Abby had a surprise waiting for me when I got there!  She knows me too well!
I told her she knew how to show me a good time!  So we got busy and whipped this up.

To make this it's as follows:

1 cup baking soda
1 cup washing soda
1 cup borax
1 grated bar felsnaptha soap
We did this times 6, and it only filled the jar halfway.  One of Abby's friends said that they made about this much and it's lasted them seven months, and they still have some left.  You use 2 tablespoons per load.  We have a front load he washer.  We just put 2 tablespoons in the detergent spot instead of liquid detergent.  I wish we had smell-o-vision because it smells so fresh and clean!  There isn't much of a scent, though, when it comes out of the washer.  I used this with some Downy fabric softener that smells so good, and it took away that scent too.  I'm going to finish up our liquid detergent we have on hand before diving into this all the time.  But I'm so excited to have something that will work and save us money!
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Playing with Ari & Ezra

So I really stunk at taking pictures this past weekend!  Good thing T.J. at least snapped a couple!
Here are the kiddos hanging out before bed.
Miles and Ari playing trains.
And there's nothing like running a few sprints before bed.  Miles and Ari running wild.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grant's Farm

Friday morning we made a pit stop at Grant's Farm to break up the trip.  Waiting in line for the tram thing was a bit challenging.  But after he was let loose, he ran through the whole place!

Here he is by the sign.

Miles & I with a giant Clydesdale butt:)

Grant's Farm is home to the Budweiser Clydesdales.
You ride the tram through 160 plus acres where they have free-range animals.
Some things were far, some were kind of near, some were real close and personal.  Like this buffalo.  Hello, sir!
Another buffalo.
As soon as we got off the tram, Miles said, "Ride the bunny!"  Then he said it over and over and over.  So we bought a ticket for him to ride, and got lucky to be the first on our group to go pick what he rode.  Since there was one bunny and the rest were horses, he was a pretty lucky and happy little boy!

With the ride pass we got a package thing that had a snow cone and some milk for the goats.
This didn't start off too well.  Those goats know what's in those bottles, and they want it NOW!
Please excuse the boob shots.  I was too busy trying to keep the goats off of Miles, and stop that turd from eating my skirt.
This is where it starts to go south.  The goats were really aggressive, and it scared Miles.
Then the milk was gone, goats weren't interested, and then Miles chased and pet goats to his heart's content.

Giant old turtles.

Petting a parrot.

Bald eagles.
Mr. Camel.

That was Grant's Farm.  It was lots of running and fresh air and fun!  We had lunch there then hit the road for Springfield.  Even after all that, Miles fought off his nap in the car, of course!  We made it to Springfield without incident, and just after Ari and Ezra's naps.  So everybody got busy playing!

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