Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My brother, Matt

My older brother, Matt, has been recently diagnosed with gastroesophogeal adenocarcinoma.  Or, cancer in his stomach and esophagus.  It's stage 3.  It is curable, but it's a tough cancer to beat.  It's going to be a long, hard road.  He's young, only 33, so his age is a huge positive in his fight.

If you want to follow along, Matt's blogging about it all here.  This is their family blog, but he made a cancer section.  So if you want to follow all his updates, here is his family blog link.

I snapped a few pics to document the happenings.  This is our first walk of many into the John Stoddard Cancer Center at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.  That's Matt, Mom, and his Dad heading to the right.
Filling out paperwork.
Checked by the nurse.  This is Matt's wife Becky.
This is the second appointment.  Meeting with the oncologist and going over his PET scan.
We've set up a donate page on Matt's blog.  As you can imagine, this journey is going to be a huge financial burden for Matt and his family.  If you'd like to help, any amount, large or small, is much appreciated.  You can go to the link here.

We are going to have some fundraisers to help raise money for them too, so stay tuned for those.  And if you have any ideas/experience with them, pass them my way!

Lastly, I ask that you would keep my brother in your prayers.  He has a very positive attitude and is just beginning this long, hard journey.  Let's lift him and his family up!

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