Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11 weeks

Miss Perry is 11 weeks today.  She is filling out like a champ and getting in a nice schedule.  She got a hearing aid last week for her left ear, which has made a huge difference.  She is so much more alert when she is awake and then sleeps so much better as a result of being more stimulated!  I think she misses so much without it in.

I wanted to note a few things Miles has been saying lately because they crack me up.

This morning we cut up a pineapple.  He took a bite.  I said, "It's a little sour, huh?"  He said, "Uh-huh," with a sour face.  Then I asked if it was good.  He said, "It's kind of great!"

He asks me all the time, "Do you know about things, Mommy?"

While driving down the road, he started hollering out, "Uh-oh, look out, there's a bad guy in that tree over there!"  And then was on repeat during our drive.

While some friends and their boys were over the other night, he made a noise or something and looked at me and said, "Mommy, tell them to laugh."  We all cracked up and then laughed at his joke...he loved it!

I'm going to post more of these soon.  He cracks me up all day long.  I just wish I could remember all of the funnies:)

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